We combine in-depth technology expertise with strong partnerships with the leading software brands to empower companies with the latest technologies and to provide other value-added benefits

Autodesk is a global leader in design and engineering software, known for revolutionary tools like AutoCAD and Revit. Empowering professionals worldwide, Autodesk drives innovation in 3D modeling, BIM, and CAD, shaping the future of design across diverse industries.

Revolutionize construction with OpenSpace's technology. Experience visual project management and comprehensive 360-degree imaging. Seamlessly collaborate, streamline site documentation, optimize field productivity, and dynamically track progress to elevate your projects.

PROKON leads in structural engineering software, offering advanced tools for analysis, design, and detailing. Optimize concrete and steel structures, tackle bridge design challenges, and ensure reliable foundation engineering. Seamlessly integrate with CAD for a streamlined process.

SketchUp excels as intuitive 3D modeling software, empowering architectural and interior design projects. Dive into detailed landscape design, explore advanced features with SketchUp Pro, and bring concepts to life with vivid 3D visualizations. Customize functionality with SketchUp Extensions, foster collaboration, and experience immersive design through VR and AR integration.

Adobe, a global leader, fuels creativity with its renowned Creative Cloud suite, featuring industry-standard tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro. Empowering individuals and businesses worldwide, Adobe transforms ideas into reality, shaping the digital content landscape.

Bluebeam revolutionizes PDF editing with its powerful Revu software, perfect for the AEC industry. Enhance collaboration, streamline digital workflows, and accelerate construction estimation with Bluebeam's specialized tools. From detailed markups to real-time collaborative reviews, Bluebeam ensures accuracy and efficiency in your projects.

Chaos sets the standard for 3D rendering, offering the industry-leading V-Ray engine. Elevate architectural projects with specialized visualization solutions, achieving photorealistic renderings. Experience the convenience of rendering in the cloud with Chaos Cloud and immerse in designs with VR rendering. From product design to animations, Chaos optimizes rendering for various applications, including SketchUp. Explore the dynamic world of Chaos, where innovation meets stunning visualizations.

Facilio revolutionizes facility management with advanced software solutions. Utilize IoT for smart operations, optimize maintenance, and enhance building performance. Achieve energy efficiency, real-time monitoring, and seamless integration with CMMS. Gain valuable insights through analytics for informed decision-making and implement sustainability practices. Facilio transforms buildings into smart, connected entities, offering a comprehensive solution for proactive and efficient facility management.