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Delivering technology solutions and services tailored to Architecture, engineering, and construction businesses. Our mission is to empower individuals to work smarter, driving a better future by providing the necessary expertise and technology, such as OpenSpace ai, to enhance performance and sustainability. We cultivate enduring partnerships with our valued clients, optimizing their resources by simplifying the implementation and utilization of technology.

Our unique approach to deliver outstanding results in everything we do

Comprehensive Software Solutions:

Tailored to meet the diverse needs of the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, offering comprehensive support for BIM, structural design, analysis, visualization, and project management. With offerings from PROKON Software and Autodesk Construction Cloud, we ensure a broad spectrum of functionalities.

Continuous Innovation:

Innovation and invest in research and development to stay ahead of the market as we continually enhance and update our software offerings to incorporate the latest ai technologies, industry standards and customer feedback.

Strong Customer Relationships:

Long-term relationships with our customers is our value. We actively engage with customers, understanding their specific needs and challenges and providing personalized support and services. Building trust, loyalty and a deep understanding of our customers' businesses is a priority for us.

Training and Support Services:  

Our Customer Success team is committed to your success. From personalized training to expert support, we guide you in mastering software features, troubleshooting challenges, and implementing best practices. Stay current and maximize your software investment with our ongoing support.

Industry Expertise:

Understanding the unique challenges and requirements of our target markets, allowing us to develop specialized solutions that address specific industry needs. our deep understanding of industry workflows and regulations positions us as trusted advisors and solution providers.

Adaptability to Global Markets

By understanding local and global markets dynamics, regulations, and customer preferences, we tailor our software solutions offerings, services, and support to effectively serve our clients in Egypt and diverse markets.